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My commandment is this – to love one another just as I have loved you. John 15:12 (NET)

We all understand love differently. We experience it in diverse ways and so we have no one true definition for it. Each and everyone of us attach different meanings to it. Base on our understanding, from the carnal mind. Love as is commonly known thus will be referred to as carnal love here.

Now Divine Love. Listen to the name, divine. Divine love is perfect love. It is the universal love. The love God has for mankind. The love shown through Jesus Christ, an unconditional love. A love man is capable of. An eternal love that leads to eternal life.

Divine love is true love for all. It does not discriminate. In it we are all equal. None above or below the other. There is no judgement. It is not love focused on an individual or particular groups of people. Divine love is everlasting.

Carnal Love on the other hand is usually focused on selected few. It's usually very intense in a romantic relationship. Carnal love like all other emotions and projections of the ego is temporal. Usually it's conditioned as well, we only love those who love us.

In perfect love, there is no fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Wherever there is fear, love is not full, it's not divine. Fears are illusions. Fears of any kind only limits us from what we can reach. Jesus tells us that if only we will overcome fear and unbelief, we'd be able to control the elements. Meaning we'd perform miracles. Miracles are results of love. The human spirit has in it no fear.

For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7 (NET)

In perfect love, we have no enemies. Who is an enemy but one we decide we do not like. Not everyone will like us, true, but it's up to us to decide to love such persons nonetheless, or to not like them back. We choose our enemies and not the other way around.

Jesus because He was perfect love taught us to love our enemies. To love an enemy means to have no enemy. Truly you can't love people you've tagged as bad or you dislike. Remember in divine love there's no judgement, there's no good or bad. Jesus had a lot of haters, but He never considered them as enemies. And that's why he healed the ears of a man who had come to arrest and to kill him.

In perfect love there is forgiveness. We can have no enemies when we learn true forgiveness. We can forgive when we understand that, the other person acted unconsciously. For we all are controlled by the ego, which we have misidentified with as ourselves. If a mad person attacks you, you do not mind them much because you know they are not aware of their actions. Because we are unconscious, that's why Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34

There's this interesting group on Facebook, and on occasions people have posted the question, will you donate your kidney to your in-law? You should see the responses. Ultimately most people wouldn't. Most of these people, not only are unwilling to donate to their in-laws, but not to anyone at all. Not even their own parents. This is sad. People are so used to conditional love, they see nothing beyond it. Some won't out of fear of losing their own lives in the process. You see how fear undermine love?

There's also this question of whom one will save from drowning, usually a comparison between a partner and one's mother. Most people are quick to opt for their mothers, she's loved them all their lives and beside they can remarry(seriously lots of people do not comprehend well the marriage bond).
Others like myself(with a carnal mind) would opt to save the partner, our mothers are old and we can't deprive our children of a full house.

One who understands divine love will know to save whoever can be saved. Because in divine love, we love all equally. We don't make selfish choices. The miracle result of perfect love can even lead to both being rescued. Sometimes one of those needing saving will sacrifice themselves to ensure the safety of the other.
The ultimate sacrifice of love is to lose one's life for the other.

In Divine love you are happy to help save a stranger by donating an organ you can part with(like an extra kidney).
You won't hesitate or ask for money in return to give out your eggs or sperms to a couple that is in want of a baby. Or to be a surrogate. Remember doctors will check for your own safety in all of these procedures.

Divine love exceeds love for man, it encompasses of all of God's creations. Within it you see the life within an animal, a plant and you love it just as much.
Within it you find traces of God in all things. In the clouds above, the waves of the sea, the sand grains on its shore. In the rocks along your way, the flowers that lines the path.

In Divine love, all things are perfect and beautiful. Divine love is involuntary, but with a sense of situations in which we can demonstrate true love, we may push ourselves towards it a little more.

Thank you for reading.😍🥰✌🏾❤️🕊️🤩

"You always gain by giving love" Reese Witherspoon.

For the first time I've got a guest blogger and I'm more than excited to introduce her to you.

Picture of Judith

I met Judith at the university but our friendship took on a different level when we went to China. She became my 同桌(sitting partner). The rest is just too much love. You can check out her blog True Selfhere.


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  2. Victor

    This is great, understanding God’s love is the underlying factors to know the capacity of God in love,God is always in love,this practical understanding of God kind of love is demonstrated in the case of prodigal son,after the dad sees the waster,he still call for a feast to celebrate his return, that is how vest God can be in love.

    God kind of love makes a whole lot of different.

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