I’m afraid of aging.

As I stood at the bus stop waiting for a "trotro" a driver's mate asked me where I was going. I told him where I was going and since it was not in his direction he decided to get on my nerves. "You will still be here when I come back, old woman."

Wait did he just refer to me as an old woman? Then I remembered I walked with an aid so that could be it and not my looks. But still it got me thinking, what's wrong if someone calls me an old woman? Am I gerascophobic (phobia of getting old)?

When I was a teenager I would keep telling my mum I'm a big girl and should be treated like one. I wanted to blossom so fast into a tulip as beautiful as the heavens. Then suddenly I don't want to grow old. It's time to reprogram my mind on aging. Fasten your seat belt and let's go for a joyful ride on aging.

Growing old is a blessing. With respect to the Bible it's a reward for honouring your parents. When we see an obituary of a young person we question how terrible the world has become.We all want to live long so where is the fear of aging coming from?

When I think of aging I see wrinkles on my beautiful face. I see my toothless mouth with the punishment of never chewing meat. I see a decreased speed in walking. I see myself so different from the latest generation with a different sense of fashion. All these age stereotypes do not only induce fear of aging but also have a negative effect on your health.

Maybe you are not concerned about the physical stereotypes. You may be worrying over your unachieved goals. But who said goals cannot be achieved when you have grown up? Don't tell me by the time you find your greener pastures you are too old to climb the fence. Dont forget, age waits for no man. It doesn't wait for your failures neither does it wait for your success. So when you keep looking back at your unattained goals, your age keeps increasing with an arithmetic ratio.

riddle riddle! What goes up and never comes down?

We want to grow old but we want to grow old gracefully. We need to stop seeing old age as a lost youth. Do you really want to be forever young?

Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding? Job 12:12.

Being old comes with an experienced life. You would have seen it all. It's just another phase to pay attention to exercising. This time you may not be exercising for an hourglass figure but for fitness. You may not be watching your diet for weight control but for health reasons. Flee from stress and have enough rest.

There are people who have aged gracefully. It's possible. See Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, Keanu Reeves, Mzbel, Genevieve Nnaji, Jennifer Lopez etc.

Can you guess their ages?

Old age should never be dreadful. I want to grow old and have fun with my grandchildren. I'm sure they will love me as much as I will love them. Let's show love to the aged. Take care of them, protect them and learn from them. Do give your grandpa and grandma a kiss. Thanks for reading.

Bridget Delali,Adios.


  1. Judith Nuertey

    Beautiful and very important post😍❤️👍🏾. You mentioned all the necessary areas as well. There’s one thing that slows down the ageing process as well, that’s being totally You and present. I like the principle of Wabi Sabi too, in it you see the beauty in every wrinkle.

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  3. Makay

    Reading Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom has taught me to embrace aging and also learn more from the elderly. God bless you for this write-up

  4. Abu bonsra Joseph

    Aging would have been nice but the responsibilities attached to it can really make it scary. I wasn’t keeping beard because I felt too young to do that but I got to realized, I need to grow. Forever Young would have been nice we all need to be bold and grow gracefully. Thanks for this one. You are such a genius.😊

    1. readerstellnotales

      I tell you, I felt it. Growing weak is inevitable but we will do our best to stay healthy. I want to see all my friends during old age. We will still slay together.

  5. detourswithoutcoffee

    I really enjoyed reading this post. When I was a child, I would stay up at night and cry about the thought of growing old. But since it’s inevitable we should enjoy it while we’re here and take good care of ourselves in the process.

    1. readerstellnotales

      Wow I can’t imagine how a little cutie like you was found in such a deep world. But yeah, as you said we got to embrace it. Thanks for sharing dear.

  6. Perth Girl

    Enjoyed this. So true that we all want o live long but do not want to grow old.
    I think there is definitely apprehension when it comes to not being completely independent when really old.

  7. Victor

    It is blessing to see the old,it is a blessing to grow old, it’s equally a blessing to be blessing to the old people.bridget thanks for sharing this,am happy to know you.

  8. herrychiccounsels

    Lol. I so know that vibe “I am a grown up”.
    In it all thank God for growth. It can come with a lot of responsibilities but we have His strength in us.
    And yeah, stereotyping old age can make us miss out of the blessings God has for us even as we age and grow.

  9. Holly

    I love this post! You are speaking on a subject that needs more awareness. When a culture is youth-obsessed, they are missing out on the most important aspect of life: wisdom. (Proverbs 4:7: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.) I love the Scripture you quoted too.

    Aging is a blessing. It’s not a curse. Yes, there are some adjustments to be made. But the tradeoff is so very worth it. It saddens me when I see people trying to become more plastic in order to ‘avoid aging.’ Every wrinkle, every grey hair, every change brings growth with it. Growth in character is far more beautiful than any superficial thing.

    What a blessing it would be to see a culture shift from youth obsessed to wisdom obsessed. How much better off would we be? 🙂

    All my love to you. Thank you so much for sharing these critical thoughts! ❤

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