” I said I love you just because I wanted to sleep with you”. “You look beautiful, I want to have sex with you. How much for a night?” A lady complained about how sad she felt in the first situation and another how insulted she felt in the second and the responses inspired me to write this article. Before you say “you claim you want to know the truth yet when you are told the truth you complain about it”, let me remind you that you can tell your truth without disrespecting women.

Society has played a role in painting women as objects of sex. We see it in our music videos, in our boxing arena etc. Recently a prophet said apart from child bearing, women have no other uses. Even if this prophet was abandoned as a child, hasn’t he come across any wonderful soul of a woman? I personally have a lot of great women in my life. People who have helped shaped the wonderful person I’m becoming. It’s time we see women for their worth.

The saying behind every successful man lies a great woman is not a mere saying. Sex is just one of the packages among the lot. Why reduce a woman to a mere sexual object? Wearing a mini skirt is fashion and does not warrant an insult for a man hungry for sex. Before you justify your truth, how would you feel if a lady spent your hard earned money and later tells you that ” I never loved you, you were a help me finish my course”? I am sure when men are reduced to money making machines, they also feel insulted.

A woman is industrious, she is a fortune. A woman is helpmate, you need her and so you got to respect her. Look beyond sexual gratification and share the blessings of a woman. To my wonderful women, I believe we can influence the men in our lives. Do not settle for anything. Read wide and grow in strength. To our lovely men, learn to tell your truth without disrespecting us. We could be your mothers, your sisters, your best friends, or even your daughters. Remember, in a woman lies the maker and unmaker of kings, not just a sexual object to be desired.

To all those playing motherly roles, I say ayeekoo, may God keep strengthening you.

Bridget Delali😊

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