I wonder if my readers are wondering why such a title when it’s supposed to be Father’s Day. Well it’s our sons who grow and become fathers. That’s why I am celebrating sons, the potential fathers today. My son, your son,my brother! That bouncing baby boy whose arrival into this world made his parents smile shine bright during the solar eclipse, that same boy whose first cry brought immense satisfaction to his parents, yes that cutie is now my headache.

I can only imagine the joy of pregnancy, the pains and changes associated with it, but you know what they say, when a woman’s pregnancy comes to an end, and a new person’s life begins, it is a time of unimaginable joy. All the pains and troubles are forgotten. Talk of his first steps, his first words which parents are usually fighting over if he will say Mum or dad first, or is it when he is losing his teeth and he creates a motorway in his mouth🤣, babies are just cute.
Fast forward, 12 years later it’s as if cuteness has been replaced with stubbornness in their dictionary. You keep hoping and praying that your son will change. But everyday feels like your dose of hope and prayer is not enough. Today, parents are asking you to help them understand your world. They want to know if you wake up one day as a teenager thinking you are on a different planet, where the norm becomes getting into fights, where tramadol becomes holy water for cleansing your souls, or where you can impregnate young girls even when you cannot afford to take care of yourselves? On this unknown planet, is schooling a taboo and your fees paid become compensation to the gods of your pocket? Maybe the definition of robbery on this planet is “hey bro, I think you have something I don’t have so I’m transferring ownership. Why does doing all these wrong things feel so normal to you?

We know our parents will always have our backs. They will treat our wounds when we get beaten up ( as if they sent us on a boxing match). They will bail us when we get jailed and they will take our children in when we can’t afford taking care of them. They will hold our hands with tears and give her some words of encouragement when things seem to be failing. Our stubborn brothers, why don’t you come back to earth and enjoy this love? Sons, you gotta reciprocate the love. This is in no way insinuating that girls cannot be stubborn. Fortunately it’s Father’s Day so the focus is on our handsome sons. One day you too will become a father. You wouldn’t want the showers of headache falling on you. With climate change, who knows yours will be a hurricane and not showers. Being a father is not easy. You will have to be available and responsible for your children. The responsible fathers who are making it work, we are proud of you. No son should grow up without a father figure. Have your boy boy moments with your sons and enjoy fatherhood.

Remember there’s nothing like a perfect family, but together we can find and share our love and happiness. Thank you for Reading.

Bridget Delali

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