⚽WN GOAL:dealing with problems we created for ourselves.

Hello everyone, just like I promised OWN GOAL is here. I am dedicating this write up to everyone visiting my page for the first time. I hope you enjoy it.

We all see the beautiful, funny and weird dances associated with celebrating a goal. To the goalscorer it’s a plus to his or her career. It is also an achievement meant to give you pride and joy but an own-goal does the opposite. It takes away your pride and joy. It’s evident in how a player who scored an own-goal behaves, a moment of frustration, lost in absolute disbelief. No player wants to put the ball at the back of their own nets.

Just like footballers, we all in our daily lives score own goals. We do things that unintentionally harm us or the people who are dear to our hearts. Let’s consider the following scenarios.😁;

⚽You went for a party and had some alcohol. You thought you handled the liquor and went ahead to drive your car. Maybe one of your friends offered to drive you home but you rejected on the basis that you did not want to be a bother. While driving the lightweight you accidentally knock down a pedestrian, pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. (Tofiakwa, God forbid, 😀let me say it for you).Ah well you have scored an own goal. The gates of jail are always opened to outsiders but closed to the inmates.

⚽”Omo see ass,” front elevation is proportional to her back elevation. Her lips succulent like dripping honey. A night without you is like forever in hell. Follow me for a “scopatomana”. She also decides to drink from your well of milky liquor. You forgot your wife and kids are home waiting for daddy. God being so good you get caught and get visited by broken home. Your own ⚽goal Mr lover man.

⚽ You committed an unsafe abortion. You thought people have committed several abortions yet have their wombs in tact. Perhaps, you felt you were not ready to bring a child into this world. Years later in your matrimonial home you feel like your unborn children have been kidnapped. Kidnapped like the Takoradi girls whose parents are left with nothing but hope to feed on day and night.

Maybe yours is not as heavy as the above scenarios. Maybe you bullied a colleague in school and years later this colleague became the CEO in the company you applied for a job at. Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have said on social media and today it has come back to hurt you. All these are problems we cook and serve ourselves, garnished according to the degree of our appetite and yet repugnant to our tongue.

We are far from being perfect and it’s imperfection that make us humans. The consequences of the mistakes you did years ago are now rooted in your face like a tuber of yam. You need strength to uproot it. You cannot cry forever. It’s not easy but you got to make an effort. How do you do that?

⚽Accept you are wrong. The blame game won’t help. The “ifs” will only make it worse. It’s hard to admit you are the cause of your own suffering but it’s your medication to becoming a strongman again.
⚽ Learn to forgive yourself. If God in heaven forgives us once we repent and turn to him, why can’t you forgive yourself? The best thing is that God does not give us the dosage of chloroquine our malaria deserves. Forgiving yourself lifts a heavy burden off you. It gives you strength to apologize to those you have wronged and start afresh.
⚽Lead an exemplary life. Who goes back to jail twice for the same offence? Like seriously? You cannot change your past but you have the opportunity to make today and tomorrow better. Share your stories for others to pick one or two from. If you can mentor others, do so. If it’s through writing, do it.

The fact that you were once morally repugnant does not take away your right to become morally upright again. Drop your past mistakes and hold the lessons you learnt from them tight. Just like the player who scored the own ⚽goal prepares for his next match, you too have a second chance to life, we all do.

Thanks for reading,

Bridget Delali xoxo.


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  1. Ivy Idan

    Wow, what a wonderful piece🤗. As you rightly said we create the own goals ourselves. Thank you for the enlightenment and encouragement.

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  2. Judith Nuertey

    Self – sabotaging is real and most often we don’t even realize we caused our own problems. We are quick to find others to blame on, being it the day or even the devil. Good one there, something for us all to think about and be conscious of daily.

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  3. Makay

    Own goal is not the end of a football career neither is our problems caused by ourselves bigger than us. Let’s be brave to accept our mistakes and move on in life.
    Great piece written@Dela

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