If there is something I learnt from watching Cinderella, it’s the hope she kept in her loveless home. But for some children the wait for a fairy godmother seems to be that of a never ending one. There is no sign of a fairy godmother, it is only the presence of an evil stepmom.

Starvation became a household name. Not that there was no food but the only one I was entitled to was the delicious aroma I would inhale while helping cook the food. If I don’t eat the leftovers from my step siblings’ plates, then I would have to fight with the dogs over the bones. From afar you could count my ribs. I don’t know if my dad was concerned, all I felt was a man who was in love with his wife and it was all about pleasing her.
I don’t know which was more intense, my sadness or the rage felt when I saw the picture of the kid whose arm was left to rot after his stepmom accidentally cut it with a machete. Today his arm has been amputated.

” I run away from the house that evening. At this point in my life everything else is better than the bloody noses I kept experiencing from the mighty slaps. I would cry so hard that breathing became expensive during those gloomy moments. Sometimes I knew I was guilty. Tonight I used a different lid for the wrong saucepan, that was my crime and it earned me the beatings of my life. This is my aunt, an educationist who should have known better. Or my parents should have known better not to entrust my welfare in her hands. Or maybe I should just stop thinking for people “, she told me.

It’s heartbreaking to see kids walk kilometres to school drenched in a pool of their own sweat. To them school is more than a home. Stories of girls sexually abused by their guardians are still not being voiced out. Girls who were offered cement papers as pad when they experienced their first menstruation all have stories to tell today. Those you called useless are all staring at you.
I can go on and on. The capacity of cruelty of some guardians is enough to eliminate “dumsor” in Ghana. If you visit first fertility clinics and see the number of couple struggling to make babies of their own, you will appreciate children for the blessings they are. The emotional, verbal and physical abuses have effect on children’s personality. This emotional roller-coaster might be destroying the life of a real future president who will transform your country. Child suicide stories are on the rise. Stop being a factor. Even if the child is stubborn, do hold his hand and nurture him to be disciplined. There will be moments when you disagree with each other and there will be moments when your neighbours will think you inhaled laughing gas.

When you decide to forget the good memories and decide to be a wicked, petty and a jealous creature, do remember that there are rising advocates who are ready to grill you with child protection laws.
Once there is life there is hope kids. If you can live through the worst times of your life you can live through anything. We are done being silent on domestic abuse, Yes we are done!
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Bridget Delali, xoxo.


  1. Judith

    Hmm this issue, it’s like human nature. I know there are people who do love others kids as their own but I’ve seen people you wouldn’t expect to maltreat their own families staying with doing exactly that. And the sad part is majority of the time it’s women, we that are supposed to be the care givers and nurturers that do this evil act.

    1. Bridget Delali Domie

      You know right Judith, if we want to correct the notion that women are their own enemies, we got to do the right thing, let’s start by showing love. Thanks for your contribution. Xoxo

  2. Ivy Idan

    Some people are just heartless 🤦. I pray that God continues to strengthen all those going through such ill treatments and the laws should be used to punish severely all perpetrators caught . Thank you Delali for writing on this issue. It’s heartbreaking to see people going through such things. I sometimes wish I had all the powers, I would have punished them real hard. Evil people 😈

  3. Stella

    This is a very emotional write up. I pray that no matter the situation I will be able to show love to all, my kids or other people’s children.

  4. Abu bonsra Joseph

    I am very sad after reading this. Thanks for such a nice piece and also alerting us about the danger of this. I think a lot of people need to know the effects of harming innocent kids and if they can’t take care of them they should better take them to the orphanage house rather than torturing them emotionally and physically

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