There’s a reason to smile.


Mother Teresa once said "Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."  I remember my constant practice of maintaining a smile. I was going to be a bridesmaid and I couldn't risk any of my pictures coming out looking like the crown of corona virus. Prior to that, a few people said I looked unapproachable. I looked too strict, I looked too serious to get close to. I didn't like the sound of that and definitely not how it looked either. I had to make a conscious effort to smile always. The result has been amazing.

When I smile, I feel my cheeks rounding up, i feel my eyes lighting up and my lips feeling deliciously pink. With just a bite, I could add a sexy feeling. (Omg did I just see you biting your lips too😀). 

A smile on your faces makes you more happy. It affects our whole being. It makes you look confident and approachable. A smile takes you a step further by radiating positive energy, affecting the people around you. 

I love being smiled at and I'm certain you love that too. . Not the smug kind of smile and not the fake smile either. It makes me feel loved and accepted. What's preventing you from wearing your smile?


I get it, life doesn't come with a manual. There's so much we need to do but with every step forward we are going two backwards. The disappointments make you question yourself and your abilities. You believe the world at large is against you. Is the universe for anybody, on the off-chance that I may ask? We got covid 19 raising its revolting head and sucking life out of people all around the world. Yes we are under lockdown  and have little of our freedom of movement to boast about. I can go on and on with a parcel of reasons why you ought to be walking around with a frown as ugly as covid 19. But what good would it do to us?

You got a reason to smile, you got life. If that's not enough a reason then I wish we could have a chat with those in the grave.
Tell life that you have a thousand reasons to smile when life gives you a hundred reasons to weep.

Smiling doesn't mean all is well. A smile is an instrument which you can use to overcome this cruel world. Imagine lots of people against you, criticizing you and all you do is look at them and smile. I bet they would feel useless.

Crush the pain with your smile, use your smile to overcome your fear and use your smile to make my day. Smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile (so you stopped reading the smiles🤣)

A mortician may do his utmost to make you look fine, to look peaceful on your last journey, but can he give you a smile?

Stay safe and  smile
Lots of love


  1. Judith

    This is beautiful, and was smiling throughout. The world is beautiful and when we see that beauty we can’t help it but to smile. 🥰❤️✌🏾

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