Sexual survival:I’m shy to buy a condom.

Let me confess, writing on this topic feels crazy. Please take a deep breath and follow me on a topic we still shy away from.

What’s this sexual survival about? I went to #All Needs supermarket to get a few items. As I lifted a shopping basket, a gentleman offered to help me carry it throughout my shopping and I happily accepted. Just when we got to the feminine products side the happy feeling became a funny feeling. I needed sanitary pads but I was shy to pick some up and put them in the basket that the gentleman was holding. What will he be thinking? I asked myself. But then out of nowhere I heard Bridget, the world does not revolve around you. He was probably thinking of a bet he lost last night. I picked up my sanitary pads and continued shopping. It dawned on me, If I’m shy to buy a pad such a natural necessity in front of a guy how can I buy a condom?

Culturally we are silent on sex issues. But the fact that we are silent on them does not mean people are not having unprotected sex. It does not mean people are not going through unsafe abortions, with some losing their wombs and others their lives. It Doesn’t hide the fact that STIs’s are still spreading like Wildfire in the dry season.

When I was in university I had a flyer in my room. It was a flyer from #Marie Stopes Ghana #NO YAWA, showing the varieties of contraceptives. Friends who visited me asked me to remove it. Even in my own space, that’s how embarrassing discussing sex is in my part of the world.

It’s even more difficult to walk into a pharmacy to buy a condom. I feel the pharmacist and other buyers will judge me. I feel they will see me as promiscuous. What if I meet my church member there? It’s like I’m announcing to the world that I’m sexually active.

So I would rather go through “babe are you sure you didn’t cum inside me? I told you not to cum inside me.” Or a month down the line I start praying and telling God “please let my menses come, I can’t be pregnant, this is the last time. If you let it come I promise I won’t do it again. When it comes then hurray, you forget your promises and go back to DICKson. If you get pregnant, you have a big belly, an actual evidence that you have been dicking. If you swerve the pregnancy and befriend almighty gonorrhoea, who announces his presence with his loud mouth scratch and win promotion it’s a more embarrassing situation.

Let’s do the maths. Are all these not worse than just going to buy a condom?
YES, UNDENIABLY ABSTINENCE IS THE BEST. “Sex is sweet, once you start you can’t stop” by Sir Douglas. Deep down we know ourselves and what we are capable of. I’m not asking you to indulge in sex before marriage. I’m simply saying if you need one #go get it.

A few tips for your pocket.
1. Be confident, know what type, size and flavour you are going for. You don’t want to keep long there.
2.Don’t buy a condom in your neighborhood. All the nosey people are there.
3. If I were you, once I’m there I’m buying in bulk. It will reduce how often you announce your sexual excades to the world.
4 If you still have extra cash just buy something in addition to your condom. It will make you more relaxed.
5. The easiest of all, buy online. Just type “buy condoms online” add your country and you are good to go.

Sex education cannot be over emphasized. Parents must make it a habit to educate their children. It will go a long way in reducing rape cases involving children. Knowledge is power, give your children the power to stay safe.

If you have all the sex and you get unwanted pregnancy, or get infected with STDs, “wey tin” you gain? Your survival matters!.

I grew up singing this song….
you can mantain one lover,
if it’s not on it’s not in
you can wait until marriage
stop AIDs love life.

Somebody got to talk about this, and I just did. Don’t be shy, Iets get interactive in the comment session. Thanks for reading.
Bridget Delali, hugs.


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  2. Henrietta

    Nice piece gurl. Yes its true, once you start having sex i think you should get some contraceptives.. if not condom then the pills should do.. stay safe and live long

  3. Cherinda

    Victor🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks for posting the link, it’s a nice piece too, and I hope others will click and come and read. But girl, the terms though🤣🤣 I’ve laughed saaaaa

  4. Judith Nuertey

    Mine was gathering vim to go to the clinic for the shot. Feared being judged but the nurse was so nice and treated me like the adult I am. Once I got the vim for that, never felt shy again. I march in there with some confidence subsequently, even sit and be chatting in the queue with married women coming for family planning lol

    1. readerstellnotales

      That’s confidence overloads. Thanks for being a major support in my blogging journey. Your feedbacks never disappoint.

  5. Benny Goodman

    Let’s rather promote purity…. The word of God is clear on this matter.. Its Gods will for you to remain pure 1Thess 4:3

    1. readerstellnotales

      As you read you saw in capital letters that abstinence is the best. This is not to promote sex before marriage at all. It’s sex education and no matter what this needs to be said. Don’t forget not everybody has your faith. Thanks for your candid opinion. Some abstinence tips will be appreciated

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