My year of healing!

How are my lovely readers doing? I’ve missed you all. It’s about time I tell you what kept me away all these months.
Last year January I got a job I can only describe as toxic. Right from the working environment down to the very core of the business itself was toxic. Negative energy enclosed the area and just as lock down kept us trapped in our own homes (at least for safety reasons) I was trapped in my own body for financial reasons.

My loved ones did not feel my absence physically as I was far from home, but also emotionally. I was nothing you would want to surround yourself with. I simply became a house chore. Unless you take delight in scrubbing the dirtiest of pots, my dear you are welcome to endure my annoying company. I was like a metal going through fire, to burn away impurities and come out as a pure gold. But instead of coming out as a beautiful and pure gold, I came out wounded, burnt. Many didn’t know, they didn’t understand. So it became out of sight, out of mind and probably out of hearts.

I knew I had to quit, it was the right thing to do, so I quit.

Few months after my resignation I thought everything would have returned to normal but no, the magic refused to happen. I have still not been able to rebuild important relationships. Things are still messy, mucky, complex and some hopeless. Well just because one quits doing drugs does not mean all substances previously abused would immediately vanish from your body, IT TAKES TIME. I do understand, it’s a process and it does take time.

I won’t deny it, the toxicity initiated a turning point in my life. At first I was in total denial. I will hunt for all manner of reasons to justify my situation. At a point in time, the only feeling I knew and got accustomed to was anger. Then I got lonely, as lonely as a crow in a strange country……….

That was 2020, THIS IS 2021,MY YEAR OF HEALING.

I believe globally we are all trying to heal, to alleviate covid 19 and its afflictions. With a number of covid 19 vaccines making waves, it’s just right to hope that 2021 is a year to be restored. A year where businesses can return to normal, a year where our lives can return to normal and where our mental health can return to normal.

Just as countries have joined forces in the production of vaccines, and just as patients rely on doctors for treatment, we all need God’s grace and divine healing. At least we are assured of His plans to make us prosper and not to harm us. We need a collaboration with him. A closer relationship with God will help us understand what God really wants for us and that’s a step closer to getting it.

You may not need healing in your relationship, it may be in your academics, it may be in your finances, family etc. Just identify it, accept that things are not the way they should be, and work towards the positive change you want to see. Of course you must invest in the change you want to see. At the end of this year, I know we will all gather here and share our testimonies.

Happy new year, so much love.


  1. ayansolaibukun

    Insightful piece, Bridget.

    Sometimes, life’s wind rages so much you think it’s surely going to drown you. So much weight you are bent almost in half.

    But God’s always faithful! A present help in time of trouble!

    The Lord will always be your help so you’ll never be confounded. Your face is set as a flint and you’ll never be ashamed.

    It’s a year of pleasant surprises for you. God takes you bg the hand.

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