If tomorrow never comes….

Apart from today every other thing is beyond me. Because yesterday gave us a queenly wave and tomorrow is never guaranteed. The only meaningful thing becomes today and that's what we should make use of.

I am battling with emotions too strong to handle alone so here I am to share. Even though my sorrows are too much to fit on these pages I still believe these pages won't run out of patience for me.

If Tomorrow Never Comes would you know how much I care? Most of the time I'm in my own world doing my own things. I am even scared of the answer to this question. To even say "Hi" or react to your status after watching has become a problem. I have even learnt another response to "I miss you". I'd just say it feels good to be missed. Say it to some and they'd never come back. I have lost people who never knew how much love I had in my heart for them. Often we think it's hypocritical of some people with tears flowing like a waterfall at funerals when they showed no ounce of love to the deceased during their lifetime.
Have you stopped to think of what they are really crying about? Do you know how much regret they feel for not doing better when they were still alive? To wish you had at least told her how beautiful and warm her smiles are... but only to be faced with her corpse with no smile to give.

What If tomorrow never comes and everything you said couldn't be taken back? In the heat of the moment we let our tongues loose. some of us would burry our anger and take on a title as a cemetery, even that, our thoughts are as violent and destructive as an Iranian missile, unintended to destroy the Ukrainian plane but still did anyway. What if that was your last moment with that friend or family member? Will you be able to forgive yourself?
Ephesians 4:26 says "be angry yet do not sin, do not let the sun go down while you are still angry".
For this reason I try to make peace before going to bed even if I'm not at fault. If I forget please remind me.

To the children who are waiting to make all the billions before reaching out to their parents, tomorrow may be too late. The little you have can make a change in their lives. When it becomes too late then you try compensating your guilt with a flashy funeral.

To that nurse or a doctor treating the patient, please can you be extra nice? Your face may be the last thing she'd see. Your voice may be the last thing she'd hear.

Please lend a pen to that colleague who came to class without one.

Let's learn to do good now, tomorrow may be too late.

If tomorrow never comes, would he or she know how much you care?


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