I told you so

“A heart bereft of stubborn will that takes the counsel of the wise is the only legitimate truth to overcome the downfall of a man”

I don’t know about you but this “I told you so” words have the tendency to change the dimensions and contours of a face, to that of a volcano filled with burning lava. Just pause and try to remember what it felt like the last time someone professed this “I told you so” to you.I am tempted to say humans are programmed to produce a smug face when spitting out that phrase.

We all love to be right. It’s a boost to our self-esteem and confidence level. As humans, we are permitted to make mistakes. But then, mistakes only become a problem when we keep repeating them expecting a different result. Our Society is full of people in unmedicated lenses inspecting our lives day in and day out. Ready to speak, taunt or improve our every thoughts. Advices are flowing from all directions like the shouts of “trotro” mates at Tema station. Who do we listen to? Once in a while we may ignore other people’s advices and rely on our intuitions.

This “I told you so” reminder has been the expectant hit from every adviser after a stubborn will. To our mothers, they’ll speak ill because it hurts you didn’t listen, and then Boom! The “I told you so” with rolling eyes and vulgar libertarianism words slapping every corner of your face. Get pregnant while she still takes care of you and see.

Give me a sec let’s play cards. That moment when you are with your last two cards, a 6 club and a queen ❤️heart. It’s a struggle for a three points against 1, all things being equal. I take the risk and win my three points💃💃💃💃💃 yeah I knew it, the “I told me so” moment.
But when it becomes don’t marry that girl and you do, just to have your slay Queen slaying your life, I’m sure you will regret your decision. Don’t climb that tree, you climbed and fall, breaking your front tooth in the process. I’m sure your broken tooth is a painful reminder of your disobedience. On top of it you get to endure I told you so from your “prophetess.” Maybe you said it in an attempt to get credit for your foresight or to release your frustration because your advice wasn’t taken.

What if I listened to your advice and it turned out to be the worst mistake of my life? Most of the time those with the legitimate right to this granting phrase are innocent people who have been sentenced to jail in dilemmatic thoughts. If it’s a death sentence they may not have the chance to tell the judges “I told you so”. So before you show your 32 set of teeth, rejoicing in your prophecies materializing, do consider the circumstances. Always remember “I told you so” is like a candy in your mouth but a mosquito buzz in your ears.

The ability to make choices out of a counsel forbids or actuate the spirit of “I told you so”. If you follow the right counsel, you get praises, if you fall short , don’t forget “I told you so”.

Let’s interract through your comments, Bridget Delali,xoxo.


  1. Judith Nuertey

    I always say that ‘experience is the best teacher’ is more effective than ‘the wise learns from the mistakes of others’. Of course learning from others is great and all, but we have a mind that will always say but she’s not me, especially when it’s in regards to things we really wanna do. So we will definitely be making some mistakes, be told those words we don’t wanna hear, we will then give someone else that same advice and they will not listen either. But this is a good reminded, to think of what if our advice takes one on the wrong course, and to be mindful in general in what we say to others.

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