As long as you are with me…

I registered for an exams recently for further studies. I was not sure of the particular level to register for so I consulted a friend. During the process of online registration, another friend claimed I had to register for a different level. Well I ignored it knowing well that my squad, a group of five girls had also registered for the same level I registered for.

The day for manual registration came and I realized that one gentleman from my class had registered for a different level. What made it more interesting was the fact that my former students ( I was a teaching assistant at the university ) who have still not graduated will be writing that same level with me.

Did I register for the wrong level? Trust me, if I was in this alone, the "worry bee" in me would have been all over the place but no, I got squad. No matter the problem we would go through it together. As long as we are in it together we would find a way out.

Back in the university, there were clashes between my hall, Mensah Sarbah Hall and Commonwealth Hall residents. You will be amazed at what these boys could do in groups. They feared nothing and vandalized school properties. But meet these boys one on one, you will see a different and beautiful side of them. Because of social influence they gave in to deindividuation. Whatever the group decides is what they do even if it's against societal norms.

The purpose of this post is not to encourage getting lost in groups. It's to encourage building a strong support system. Groups provide us with a sense of belongingness. It's in our human nature to want to fit in something.

This is not to put my trust in humans but I know no matter what if I get into trouble today my squad will come rushing to my rescue. Even if it's something beyond them their love and support will get me going.

Three years ago upon arrival at Guanzhong international airport, I missed check in for my domestic flight to Hangzhou by 5 minutes. It was my first time traveling and to a non English speaking country. Lucky for me I was traveling with five other friends. I felt safe because I wasn't alone.

We all need somebody to lean on and that's what makes relationships a necessity. There are things that are best done individually but it won't be bad to have back up plans involving a support system. They say tough times never last but people do.

Surround yourself with people who love and care for you. There is always someone willing to help you every step of the way. Don't go through it alone. There are people who are genuinely happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad.

In extreme cases where you have no close friends or family to turn to there are support groups around. I don't know what problem you are going through but whatever it is just don't go through it alone.

Thanks so much for reading. I know you have missed me but I miss you more. Let's celebrate the holidays right here on readers tell no tales. Lots of love. I specially dedicate this post to 21/7.


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